The Italian Invert


Intimate Confessions of a
Homosexual to Émile Zola

Edited by
Michael Rosenfeld
with William A. Peniston

Translated by
Nancy Erber
and William A. Peniston

250 pages

Paperback, $25.00 / £22.00 ISBN: 9781939594419
Hardcover, $60.00 / £50.00 ISBN: 9781939594426
E-book, $19.95 / £16.99 ISBN: 9781939594433

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It will appeal to anyone interested in the history of homosexuality, queer identities, or gender diversity. As an original source for the study of autobiographical texts as historical documents, it will serve undergraduate or graduate students in history and literature, in both French and Italian studies. Researchers in Jewish studies will be interested in the author’s revelations about his Jewish mother and her family. It is also an important addition to existing publications for historians of medicine, psychology, and sexology.