Male Sex Work and Society


Edited by
Victor Minichiello, PhD
John Scott, PhD

Approx 512 pages, including glossary and index
33 full color illustrations
4 black & white illustrations
24 figures & graphs
Cloth, $120 ISBN: 978-1-939594-00-6
Paperback, $50 ISBN: 978-1-939594-01-3

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“This much-needed exploration of male sex work marks the re-launching of Harrington Park Press, a long-standing publisher of gender and queer studies. Scholars will appreciate this crucial step in the right direction …”

“A strong addition to the nascent body of literature that documents empirical research with sex workers. This text would be a good fit for doctoral level courses in community psychology, academic courses, and scholarship focusing on intersections between psychology and sexuality … For clinicians this would be a good tool to inform practice.”

“This is a pathbreaking, well illustrated book about many aspects of male sex work – historical, cultural, economical, ethnological, legal, medical, psychological, and artistic …The work achieves this goal to an astonishing degree … an eye-opener!”

“This book does what Minichiello and Scott set out to achieve: It has opened up new discussion on an under-discussed subject. It has provided information that … questions some common misconceptions and assumptions about male sex work.”
PsychCRITIQUES (American Psychological Association)

“The grand relaunching of Harrington Park Press blasts off with Male Sex Work and Society, the publisher’s intriguing title about the history and cultural and sociological significance of male sex work. Co-authors Minichiello and Scott, both Ph.D.s and scholars in public health and social science, respectively, have amassed an impressive collection of essays by a wide variety of educators, health professionals, and researchers.”

“Thoroughly researched and lavishly documented collection of studies and essays by various scholars, examining pretty much every aspect of the matter, from statistical analysis of the offerings of workers, the preferences of clients, the financial aspects and the health risks, to analysis of the trade in China, Africa, Russia and elsewhere, as well as in the United States. Topics such as ‘Marketing Sex Work,’ the sociohistoric context, cultural factors and so on, altogether comprising what is probably the most comprehensive study of the subject yet put in print.”

“This book falls into the ‘everything you ever wanted to know…’ category. In a reader-friendly volume of over 500 pages, Minichiello and Scott bring together 17 articles, plus their Introduction and Conclusion, about a topic rarely touched on in the literature of sexual health. In their preface, the editors state that among their goals, they sought to ‘… provide broad coverage of male sex work, … to include multiple disciplinary perspectives, … and to capture a sense of the cross-cultural variations….’ The volume most assuredly fulfills these goals.”

“The book’s editors and contributors have, happily, written in a very readable style without academic jargon … This book is a valuable resource on an elusive topic.”
A&U (Arts & Understanding)

“Extensively researched from cover to cover, Male Sex Work is a highly accessible tome. Seventeen chapters discuss every possible aspect of male sex work, including the history, the issues male sex workers face, and ways that male sex work is treated in various parts of the world. Male Sex Work not only focuses on workers who service male clients but also explores workers who work with female clients. The male role in this line of work is a fascinating topic the book wholly explores.”
GLBTRT Reviews (GLBT Roundtable, American Library Association)