Introduction to Transgender Studies


Ardel Haefele-Thomas, Ph.D.

450 pages
Paperback, $59.00 / £46.00 ISBN: 9781939594273
E-book, $54.99 / £43.00 ISBN: 9781939594280

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This is the first introductory text/reader for trans, transgender, or trans* studies at all levels, from first year to graduate coursework. Using entertaining as well as informative features, this combination text/reader will appeal to a range of students who may know very little about the field. It can be used in programs and courses ranging from major courses to electives in LGBT/queer studies,
feminist/gender studies, and other allied disciplines.

The book’s step-by-step teaching tools include:

  • Key questions for students
  • Personal brief vignettes (told in first person)
  • Writings from the community (full-length commissioned essays by community members, mostly trans people but also LGB people and allies)
  • Key concepts
  • Film, television, and media of interest (titles and brief descriptions)
  • Activities, discussion questions, and observations

Throughout, Ardel Haefele-Thomas embraces the richness of intersecting identities: how race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, nation, religion, and ability have cross-influenced to shape the transgender experience and culture across and beyond the binary.

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Susan Stryker

(since 10/04/18)

1. Sex and Gender: Stories and Definitions
2. Sexual Orientation: Stories and Definitions
3. Modern Sexology: The Science of Objectification, or the Science of Empowerment?
4. Direct Action, Collective Histories, and Collective Activism: What a Riot!
5. Navigating Binary Spaces: Bathrooms, Schools, Sports
6. Navigating Government Documents, Work, and Healthcare: I’ll Need to See Some I.D. with That
7. Global Gender Diversity throughout the Ages: We Have Always Been with You
8. Four Historical Figures Who Cross-Dressed: The Adventurer, the Ambassador, the Surgeon, and the Seamstress
9. Cross-Dressing and Political Protest: Parasols and Pitchforks
10. Gender Diversity in Artifacts, Art, Icons, and Legends from Antiquity to the Middle Ages: Classically Trans
11. Trans Literature, Performing Arts, Music, and Visual Art: The Art of Resistance/The Art of Empowerment
12. The Importance of Archives: Hearing Our Own Voices




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