Introduction to Transgender Studies


Ardel Haefele-Thomas, Ph.D.

450 pages
Paperback, $59.00 / £46.00 ISBN: 9781939594273
E-book, $54.99 / £43.00 ISBN: 9781939594280

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This is the first introductory textbook intended for transgender/trans studies at the undergraduate level. The book can also be used for related courses in LGBTQ, queer, and gender/feminist studies. It encompasses and connects global contexts, intersecting identities, historic and contemporary issues, literature, history, politics, art, and culture. Ardel Haefele-Thomas embraces the richness of intersecting identities — how race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, nation, religion, and ability have cross-influenced to shape the transgender experience and trans culture across and beyond the
binary. Written by an accomplished teacher with experience in a wide variety of higher learning institutions, this new text inspires readers to explore not only contemporary transgender issues and experiences but also the global history of gender diversity through the ages.

Introduction to Transgender Studies features:

  • A welcoming approach that creates a safe space for a wide range of students, from those who have never thought about gender issues to those who identify as transgender, trans, nonbinary, agender, and/or gender expansive.
  • Writings from the Community essays that relate the chapter theme to the lived experiences of trans and LGB people and allies from different parts of the world.
  • Key concepts, film and media suggestions, topics for discussion, activities, and ideas for writing and research to engage students and serve as a review at exam time.
  • Instructors’ resources that will be available that include key teaching points with discussion questions, activities, research projects, tips for using the media suggestions, PowerPoint presentations, and sample syllabi for various course configurations.

Intended for introductory transgender, LGBTQ+, or gender studies courses through upper-level electives related to the expanding field of transgender studies, this text has been successfully class-tested in community colleges and public and private colleges and universities.

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Susan Stryker

(since 10/04/18)

1. Sex and Gender: Stories and De?nitions
2. Sexual Orientation: Stories and De?nitions
3. Modern Sexology: The Science of Objecti?cation, or the Science of Empowerment?
4. Direct Action, Collective Histories, and Collective Activism: What a Riot!
5. Navigating Binary Spaces: Bathrooms, Schools, Sports
6. Navigating Government Documents, Work, and Healthcare: I’ll Need to See Some I.D. with That
7. Global Gender Diversity throughout the Ages: We Have Always Been with You
8. Four Historical Figures Who Cross-Dressed: The Adventurer, the Ambassador, the Surgeon, and the Seamstress
9. Cross-Dressing and Political Protest: Parasols and Pitchforks
10. Gender Diversity in Artifacts, Art, Icons, and Legends from Antiquity to the Middle Ages: Classically Trans
11. Trans Literature, Performing Arts, Music, and Visual Art: The Art of Resistance/The Art of Empowerment
12. The Importance of Archives: Hearing Our Own Voices




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