Harrington Series in LGBTQ Aging
LGBTQ-affirmative/inclusive gerontology

Consulting Editor:
Brian de Vries

This new series will focus primarily on single-authored, introductory textbooks on topics related to aging in LGBTQ populations.

With a focus on LGBTQ persons, each textbook will introduce and discuss innovative principles for:

  1. undergraduate and graduate-level courses in LGBTQ aging
  2. diversity-focused gerontological certificate programs
  3. discipline-specific aging courses
  4. gerontological health and human services courses/programs
  5. graduate/professional programs in hospice/palliative care

Each title will encompass the aging process from midlife to end of life, or, in other words, the “second half of life.”

While focusing on the shared aging experiences of the LGBTQ population as a whole, the special and distinct needs of midlife and older lesbian, bisexual, gay male, transgender, queer/questioning, and intersex individuals will also be covered.