Queer Studies - Beyond Binaries

Beyond Binaries

Bruce Henderson

544 pages

Paperback, $60.00 / £47.00 ISBN: 9781939594327
Hardcover, $95.00 / £74.00 ISBN: 9781939594334
E-book, $55.99 / £44.00 ISBN: 9781939594341

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“With this book, a leading expert in queer studies has effectively synthesized and explained relevant information about this area. This book is timely, original, and distinctly understandable. It could easily be adopted in advanced college courses focused on queer studies, especially given the volume’s accessibility. I appreciate the conversational tone, the coherent structure, and the relevant and practical examples.”
Tony Adams, Bradley University

“Bruce Henderson is a master story teller. In Queer Studies, he effortlessly guides us through a plethora of complex subjects, including education, politics, religion, and the arts. His eloquent, accessible language allows us to see these myriad subjects queerly anew. I’ll be teaching my ‘Gender and Communication’ students this brilliant, immensely readable book for years to come.”
Donna Marie Nudd, Florida State University

“This text is a much needed and invaluable resource, which offers a solid and thorough overview of queer studies, with an attention to the most up-to-date research, as well as foundational scholarship. Its intersectional approach makes it an important contribution and intervention in the teaching of queer studies. Material is presented in a variety of ways that are accessible to a wide variety of readers and various types of learners in Queer Studies, Critical Sexualities, and Gender Studies courses.”
Bernadette Marie Calafell, Gonzaga University

“Henderson takes an engaging approach in this impressively comprehensive exploration into the quickly expanding universe of queer studies. Ideal for upper-level undergraduate courses focused on understanding queer theory and its application to the daily lives of queer folx, Henderson deftly weaves together challenging theorists, historical moments, and popular culture in ways that push the reader to new ways of considering complex issues. Henderson has created a text that should become a staple in foundational queer studies texts.”
Noam Ostrander, DePaul University

“Featuring a comprehensive but accessible coverage of queer studies, this book reviews a number of topics, ranging from language to schooling to citizenship. It presents a thorough discussion about key issues and important scholarly figures pertaining to queer studies. The author incorporates a number of diverse queer scholars and pays close attention to their differing theoretical and identity standpoints with care. The discussions in each chapter are rich and the examples are culturally relevant and thought provoking.”
Ahmet Atay, College of Wooster