Addiction Treatment

Book review:
Fundamentals of LGBT Substance Use Disorders, written by Michael Shelton

On this new ebook, the successor to the basic within the area Counseling Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual, and Transgender torpor Abusers: Twin Identities by Dana G. Finnegan and Emily B. McNally, Michael Shelton critiques the empirical literature and synthesizes what we all know concerning the prevalence of LGBT substance use, abuse, and therapy availability, emphasizing the necessity for affirmative therapeutic practices. The concepts of trauma-knowledgeable and culturally competent cure/intervention are defined and assessed, as good because the challenges of minority stress and microaggressions skilled by the LGBT populace. scatter sections give attention to the sub-populations of lesbians, homosexual guys, bisexuals, and transgender people. waste chapters give attention to LGBT youth, the aged, household constellations and considerations, crook justice points, and rural LGBT substance abuse. This quantity supplies an introduction to the area that can be helpful each as a main textbook and as a handbook/reference for LGBT-targeted and common substance-use dysfunction clinics and their directors, clinicians, trainees, allies and volunteers.